The Strain Review: Is It Campy or Is It Brilliant

This Sunday saw the much anticipated premiere of the FX horror series The Strain which has brought about an interesting new chapter to the horror genre. Acclaimed writer and director Guillermo del Toro is behind the madness of the show and it’s something that clearly shows through in the pilot episode which aired on Sunday night.

But what The Strain truly is, is polarizing to those who love the horror genre as the campiness of the show is both a bit surprising at first but brilliantly infused in what the show really is.

Don’t be mistaken, The Strain isn’t a show that is purposefully trying to be campy to point and laugh at the fact it’s being that way, much like Scream did in an oh so brilliant way. Instead, del Toro takes an old and tired sect of the genre and adds his own twist to it which contains hefty doses of  vintage camp we see all the time in horror films and shows we love from the past.

The acting isn’t all that spectacular, the dialog isn’t anything to write home about but since when do horror films have either of those things as something to hangs their hats on? What del Toro is doing with The Strain is he’s taking not only horror but television in general back to it’s roots where it doesn’t have to take itself so seriously and risk losing out on the quality of the show.

We’re not going to confuseThe Strain with Breaking Bad or The Sopranos anytime soon but the show exists in it’s own little bubble and that’s really all it needs to be.

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