The Strain: IGN Breaks Down the Pros and Cons (Video)

This Sunday marks the series premiere of the FX show The Strain, a series that will be a brand new take on the myth of vampires and how they can come into this world. While all other incarnations of vampire shows or movies just have vampires existing because they can, The Strain tackles a different route and combines the terror of a zombie outbreak with the horror of vampires.

Of course, anytime something new is attempted — especially in the horror genre — there is always much debate about whether what is being done is right, wrong or helpful at all to the genre.

The folks over at IGN have taken a look at the series and broken down the pros and the cons to Guillermo del Toro’s new series.

Take a look at the video here:

It’s too early to tell if the series will latch on, but a lot of great points were raised int he discussion by Eric Goldman and Roth Cornet. The bottom line is, this isn’t going to be your typical horror show and that’s going to inevitably be both a good and a bad thing for The Strain.

Catch the series premiere of The Strain on FX this Sunday night as 10pm ET.

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