The Strain: Behind the Scene Feature Goes Inside the Horror (Video)

In two weeks we will see the premiere of the next big FX series called The Strain and it already looks like it might be a game changer for the way we watch horror on television. With the fantastical Guillermo del Toro leading the charge and directing the first episode of the series, we know we’re likely in for something we’ve never seen before and it’s both awesome and terrifying at the same time.

One of the cool things about del Toro’s projects is just how geeked out he gets when it comes to creating characters and set pieces that end up blowing our minds. This was the case in Pan’s Labyrinth and it looks like again we’re going to be looking at more amazing set pieces and art direction only this time things will be way creepier.

Looking at behind the scene material from anything del Toro does is always a treat and this inside look at the set of The Strain helps give us a better idea of just how intense this show is going to be.

The Strain: Inside the Story of The Strain by Dread Central

You can catch the premiere of Th Strain on FX this July 13th and be sure to check The Strain News to stay up to date on the latest behind the scenes information you need to know.

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