FX Removes Disturbing The Strain Billboards after Fans Complain

FX has rolled out a lot of gross with their marketing campaign for The Strain and that has led to people being amused by receiving beating hearts in jars as a promotion to communities protesting to get disturbing billboards removed from their neighborhoods.

This was the case for a slew of billboards that went up promoting The Strain, only the image that was used was not what you’d describe as being particularly ‘family-friendly’.

Here’s a look at the billboard that was complained about and removed:

The Wrap captured some of the angry tweets from the fan reaction that led to the billboards being taken down.


The billboards weren’t all that bad but there are kids in most neighborhoods and we’d probably like to raise the next generation to not be afraid to watch their surroundings while driving down the road as to avoid the scary billboard with the eyeball popping out.

It also kind of stinks that the first major fan reaction for the show was to get all traces of it removed from a neighborhood, which is the exact opposite of what the goal was here unless it was actually all part of the plan this entire time.

The Strain will premiere on July 13th on FX and viewer discretion will be very much advised.

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