FX Promoting The Strain by Sending People Beating Hearts

When you have a series that is about to premiere that seems to embody all things creepy about everything in life, you need to make sure your marketing campaign lives up to the hype. Whoever is running the promotions for The Strain both needs to be given a major promotion but done so while dangling them off a roof Wolf of Wall Street style.

The reason for this mixture of emotions comes from the revelation of just what went into promoting The Strain a FX sent out beating hearts in a jar to journalists looking to cover the show.

According to HitFix, the hearts are not only seriously close to being real, they even beat every so often to remind you of how creeped out should be.

The heart was accompanied by a note reading, “Warning: This Heart Is Infected. Do Not Open This Specimen Jar. You Will Witness Sporadic Movements When The Heart Is Exposed To Light. These Movements Will Increase… As HE Gets Closer.”
This is some brilliant marketing as The Strain hasn’t been afraid to test boundaries and even cross them in order to raise awareness for the series. The beating hearts no doubt trump ay sort of disturbing billboard that could ever go up, but nevertheless everyone wants a beating heart in a jar from FX even if they won’t admit it.

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